Full Tylt: Carry It All In This Backpack Made For Techie Travelers


This sponsored post is written in collaboration with TYLT. All opinions are my own. What do you get for someone who likes a practical gift for their birthday? That knows how to rebuild a computer and travels often? And constantly stores their stuff in your carry-ons? Their own travel bags. Especially if that person lives and dies by the computer even more than you do. While I do a bit of the tap- tap-tapping for my job day and side gigs, J literally relies on his monstrous brick of an industrious programming laptop for plugging into computer systems and fixing electrical type equipment at work. That's as far as I’ll explain because the details get fuzzy for me and I have no idea what any of it means, but the laptop is important. And goes everywhere. In a boring backpack. So I found the TYLT Energi Pro. A much better one with a few extra features. You know. A more practical one.


The sleek Energi Pro Power Backpack is not only attractive with it's J. Crew gray styled fabric but it has some serious juice. It's one of the few bags that can charge your phone and tablet while you walk down the street. Or terminal, if you travel as much as we do. It has a removable charge pack that can be used as a stand alone charger. We put it to the test after a weird turn of events rendered the outlets in our hotel room useless. From 20% to over 60% in the course of a song. I’m not particularly tech-savvy, but a quick google search shows that a 20,800 mAh battery can charge two smart devices simultaneously at top speed, add 7+ charges to iPhone6, 5+ charges to Galaxy S7, 2 charges to iPad air and charge the new generation laptop that uses USB and USB-C. Yay, technology!! I can keep watching Netflix.


Aside from being stylish and practical, the TYLT Energi Pro is built for comfort. The weight of so many devices requires strength and the water resistant 210D Polyester is reinforced to prevent tears and rips. The wide shoulders straps are padded to distribute weight without digging into your neck and the curve of the strap along your chest prevents that obnoxious armpit chafing. There's even a handy adjustable chest strap to keep the contents from shifting around and throwing you off balance.


And it has 12 pockets, which as a non-techie is just my favorite thing.


Water resistant

Sweat Resistant Polyester

Self Standing

RFID Credit Card Security Pouch

20,800 mAh battery12

Internal Pockets

Headphone Pocket

Luggage Trolley Pocket

TSA Friendly opens 180 degrees



685 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA 93065

(800) 843-5600