The Petty Traveler: Gripes on a Plane


We all have them. Complaints about life inside the airport and on the plane. Some are incredibly petty and others are straight up common sense that no one else seems to exercise. Let the airing of grievances commence!

plane annoyances


People who don’t have their passports and/or tickets out and ready for when the TSA Agent inevitably asks for it

People who cause a line at the security check because they have a bag full of regular sized liquid products, pockets full of coins, strappy heels and items that they had NO idea weren't allowed on the plane

Those who go through the security check and accidentally leave a water bottle in their bag – even worse – when you’re THAT person

Paying for luggage carts.

The design of the airport shops. Too narrow, too close together. I'm going to knock everything down in here with my backpack. And not pick them up because I have a flight to catch.

Tax and duty free shopping. On items I can't afford. Or want.

Overpriced food and drinks. A glass of wine is $15 and water is like $8. And I can't bring my own unless I do it 3 ounces at a time.

People who don’t know how the "walking" runway works. Move to the right if you're going to stand.

Gate lurkers. Rushing the gate before your seating class is called. Why?

Not enough outlets in the seating area of the airport. My phone is dying and I have shows on Netflix to finish.

Crying children next to you on the plane. It probably sucks to be a baby on a plane. It also sucks to sit near one.

Long Term (and Short Term) Parking

When one of the headphones doesn’t work – worse is when that right one works sometimes and gives you that false sense of hope.

Travelers who keep talking to you even when you make it clear that you aren't interested in conversation. Mainly because you have headphones on and are sleeping.

Dudes playing videos really loudly on their phone. Children get a free pass because of the whole crying thing.

Overhead storage. Everyone and their mom is carrying one bag, one personal item, six coats, twenty pillows and they all have to go in the overhead bin. Theirs and yours.

People who complain about reclined chairs

People who recline chairs.

When the flight attendant says "It is now OK to turn on cellular devices" and people frantically scramble to get to their cell phones like it's an oxygen mask in outer space.

The people who have reached their final destination, but rush to get off the plane, leaving those with connections strapped for time.

The people who have reached their final destination but take their time calling home, getting re-dressed and retrieving all of the items from overhead bins all around the plane, leaving those with connections strapped for time

Those people who complain about everything. Oh...

Did I miss anything? Let me know!!!