Surviving Spring Allergies: Raise Your Hand if You've Been Personally Victimized By Mother Nature


Throws hand up so far, it pulls joint out of socket! Spring is here. Yay?! Maybe not. This gal has mixed feelings. Spring brings warm weather. Sometimes. But also rain and showstopping pollen. If you're traveling to the Southern US this year you may experience hay fever. Which sounds kind of adorable, like someone who can't get enough of ponies, but the symptoms are not cute, In fact, children raised in the Southern states of the US are more likely to experience hay fever than other states. MORE LIKELY. It's like we're being punished for warm weather, sweet tea, and top-notch hospitality. Who doesn't love Cherry Blossoms and Magnolias? Other than allergy sufferers, I mean. And allergies are already ahead of schedule on the East Coast.


Just check out this graph from HS Allergy of all the things that are going to take you out between now and August.

Mother Nature can be particularly savage. Think it doesn't apply to you? Guess again. You can develop allergies late in life based on environmental factors. Nasal allergies affect 30% of adults these days.  I used to fun and fancy-free running through fields of sunflowers and daisy. And then Georgia happened. The state, not a person. Georgia, followed by SC and NC have left me debilitated by itchy eyes and a runny nose. And it's not just the South. Factory heavy areas like China (smog, anyone!) can cause them as well. You can't get rid of allergies once you have them but there are some remedies to minimize your suffering. While traveling this spring, prepare yourself for these seasonal ninjas with my handy-dandy Spring Allergy Survival Guide. Trust me. I'm an expert, *

*But not a doctor, so go find a real medical professional if it gets out of control!!

Spring Allergy Survival Guide