Renaissance Sanya


This sponsored post is written in collaboration with Starwood Hotels. All opinions of the stay and my experience in the hotel are my own.

The Renaissance Sanya was the last hotel on our 15 day tour of Sanya, China. This was one of the few places that lived up to the 5 star rating that all the hotel seem to have been bestowed. The landscape was one of the most lush resorts I've seen in a while and the grounds were so large that we had to be ushered into a golf cart for the tour. And there are still areas I never got to see. The architecture of the building had a very modern feel, with clean lines and symmetry being the underlining theme.


The website mentions that the hotel has 7 restaurants onsite– but I only 3 each one varying in style. o idea where the other 4 would be. One the first night we ate in the exclusive high end Chinese restaurant where casual attire is underwhelming and out of place and the meal is served in tiny, dainty artful courses. The general cafe where most meals are held was a large buffet full of your favorite breakfast dishes, pizza and various noodles. The meals are more westernized and lacked a certain authentic feel that I was looking for. I did appreciate access to some of the traditional foods that I'd missed after eating so many fish and vegetable dishes.  Note: that the low cost of the rooms Offering delicious protein heavy (meat and fish) foods and a beautiful atmosphere. I loved the romantic feel of the low light, sexy atmosphere.

Overall stay:

I really like this hotel alot. Despite being injured after a massive spill in the jacuzzi (the surface near the water is slippery and wouldn't be allowed by American standards) my stay was pleasant and jam packed with activities. It was really nice being on a first name basis with the staff and seeing the General Manager often. Being able to access everything very quickly was a major perk.

Additional Info:

  • Hotel is not located in a location accessible to city life. It's a great place to relax if you don't intend to leave often.
  • Don't plan on spending much time in the ocean. The hotel private beach always has strong under current and dangerous for swimming.Run along the waves Baywatch style and then hop in the pool.
  • Hotel has free wi-fi and access to Hong Kong VPN route. You can freely access social media and news sites while on the property. Best times for usage: Early morning and late nights
  • Rooms have international outlets so no converters are needed to charge electronics
  • Tickets for admission to the Biltmore are included in several packages.
  • Items in the minibar are over priced, as hotels do. However, American style comforts like Snickers are much higher than the other hotels
  • Guests with children can enjoy supervised childcare (with surcharge) and child-friendly activities everyday
  • Hotel has laundry service
  • All of the surrounding buildings have the unified, Austrian wooden decor.

Renaissance Sanya Resort and Spa- Sanya

1 Yezhou Rd, Haitang Qu, Sanya Shi, Hainan Sheng, China

Phone+86 898 3885 8888


This sponsored post is written in collaboration with Starwood Hotels-Marriott. All opinions of the stay and my experience in the hotel are my own.

Renaissance Sanya Resort and Spa

No.1 Yezhou Road, Haitang Bay, Sanya 572000, China