Relax in Sanya with Nantian Hot Springs


I love a good hot tub. Like, LOVE love! When I saw hot springs on the itinerary, I spent days counting down to half a day spent running around and hopping in and out of themed pools. We must have gone on low traffic day because we ran into about 7 people the whole time. Which was just fine by me. It was like having a hot tub theme park to our own little group. I showed up in my bathing suit ready to soak. After paying the entry fee, the attendant gave us bracelets that magnetically opened the accompanying locker numbers. No keys to keep up with in the water.


The place was like a maze. There are about 68 hot springs and one large lukewarm pool. I use the term "Hot spring" as the springs are actually tubs heated from an outside source, but it was relaxing all the same. It does, however, have mineral elements that are good for your body. I've got nothing against a hot tub. One of the major attractions at the spring was the fish pond where you can dip your feet in for a pedicure and let the fish eat the dead skin on your feet and ankles. I can barely tolerate a regular pedi so tickling fish had me running for the stairs!

Each tub has satchel filled with aromatic teas and I spent most of the day looking for the wine soak. There lots of different temperatures and aromas so you can choose what degree of heat you are comfortable with and a soak for your ailments.


Nantian Farmland, Sanya City

How to Get There?

Visitors can get there either by tourist bus or by taxi. Don't take a taxi though. They are expensive and all major hotels in the area provide a free shuttle every few hours.

Ticket Price:

The Entrance Ticket Price: 198 yuan/person or $28. Children are half priced.

Things to Know:

Bring a bathing suit or purchase it from the shop. The sizes are incredibly small, so come prepared and don't waste the money. Don't worry about towels.

Take care if you have any conditions that are exacerbated by hot temperature.