La Spezia, Italy

La Spezia

32.0835° N, 81.0998° W


Touring Italy is a chance to see history in action. Home to the seaside towns of Cinque Terre, Lerici and Tellaro, the city also houses the Italian Navy. Considered one of the main commercial harbors, the museums, ship, and artifacts are all the evidence you need of the port city's has a rich history with the sea. Of course, add in a touch of historical maritime heritage with modern architectural displays and you have an amazing travel destination.

Quick Facts about La Spezia:

  • Region: Liguria

    1. Province: La Spezia

    2. Country: Italy

    3. Population: 93,900+

    4. Language: Italian

    5. Demonym: Spezzini

    6. Best Known For: Cinque Terre,

    7. Departures: La Spezia is a point of departure for the Cinque Terre, either by train or boat. The boat also serves Lerici and Portovenere before turning into the open sea toward the Cinque Terre

    8. End of the War: La Spezia became the point of departure for the survivors from the Nazi concentration camps.


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Eat …

…in an Etruscan fortress. A truly upscale Italian meal awaits at La Gh. The tour boat captain knows his way around the sea and opened up a restaurant in the city of consisting of only the freshiest catches. Cooked creatively, so say the least. Order a steamed lobster from St. Peter’s, grab a seat inside the beer barrel and ask for a local brew that pairs well with wild boar and sauteed octopus legs. Insider tip: Don’t leave without eating at least 3 strawberry panna cottas.