Hawaiian Inspired Poke


It will come as no surprise to know that I'm not a great cook. I've mention my lack of domesticity when I took the cooking class in China. I'm good for a quick, low energy meal or 5 step appetizer, rather than a 3 course meal. I barely cook for myself relying mostly on ham slices and handfuls of popcorn for sustenance. My BF recently comment how great it would be to have a Chef around the house. I hope he hires one. We could both use it! One of my favorite dishes is Poke and I was burning through my weekly food budget purchasing from local restaurants and Harris Teeter, my grocery store which always has the great food to go. One day, I assume I had visited so much, that the seafood clerk stopped me asked me why I don't just make it myself. I'm embarrassed to say I never considered it! He cut a pound of fresh, Ahi tuna for me and pointed me in the direction of the ingredients. I've been making it nearly everyday since.

It's such a quick and easy, showstopper that I thought I'd share my recipe. Poke can be eaten alone (if you're low-carb, like me) or on top of rice. I like to use jasmine rice on the days when I want something heavier. Careful not to place it directly on freshly steam rice or the fish will cook.


Quick and easy poke
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