Rules For Suite Living With Enkloze X1 Carryon


Cheers from a swanky hotel! Some days I'm living out of a hotel and out of my carry-on and in those instances, I like for the two to match. for example, my time at the hot, new 4 star boutique hotel, the Ivey's in uptown Charlotte. I took my brand new Enkloze X1 for a test drive in the city center and got tons of compliments. It's was a total eye catcher and true professional's carry-on. It's currently pulling double duty in South Carolina with J, as he snagged it after this most recent trip because it was so spacious and lightweight. And he had several other cases to choose from. I have a whole suitcase closet!

In addition to being my favorite case, it was probably the most appropriate for the place we were staying, so I've compiled a couple of "suitcase rules" for blending into a 4-star hotel. In case those other suitcases decide to step up their game, take note and make a more upscale and user-friendly case that we can all get behind. And not cringe when the bell hopper grabs for it!


Bring your A-Game. The sleek hardshell, carbon white houndstooth design of the X1 screams well-traveled sophisticate and commands respect. It also says "I can handle myself in difficult situations." Because by now, we've all seen the baggage handler videos and know that no one is treating your bags gently. But that's okay, because it still looks like it's new even after a 3 foot fall down the stairs.*


Pop And Lock. There are no zippers on the side. When you need to get to your dresses for dinner, there's no twisting and turning, flipping of the case. Just squeeze and slide and it opens right up. No zippers to keep on track and no bumps or snagged garments to deal with. It's an open-and-shut case. Literally.


Stretch From Here to Eternity. Telescopic handling means no bending to pull. The tiny button on top snaps the handle into place and stays put. And it's long enough to fit your laptop case or weekender to keep a hand free for texting or lattes. And passports.


Spin till your dizzy. The wheels don't just roll, they glide. And spin 360. All four Ultra Quiet Dual Caster Hinomoto Wheels can stay firmly planted on the ground as you walk the length of the terminal or corridor. And keep quiet. On wood or carpet. No dragging required. Elegance doesn't require breaking a sweat.


Look like you belong. This isn't you average closet case. No one's apologizing for the tattered bags and scratched up luggage here. Or the typical boring "we all look the same" cases. Give 'em something they can be proud to leave out. Look how good all the textures in this corner come together. This case was made with this room in mind.


Carry it ALL. Maximize space in your double compartments so they can carry more stuff. It doesn't look like a lot here and that's the beauty. What you can't see is clothes for two people! Toiletries, makeup, shoes, camera equipment, etc. The list goes on. Your tech packs and jet packs are cool but what they really want...all of their stuff in one case. Let's leave some room for champagne. ;)


Additional info:

  • Also comes in Black

  • Overall Size: 21.3 x 14.6 x 9.4 (Inches)

  • Reinforced corners

  • Front Loading TSA Dial Combo Lock

  • Free Ground shipping

  • 14 Day Shipping

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • 4 Ultra Quiet Dual Caster Hinomoto Wheels

  • Hazard front zip internal organizer with a compartment for a tablet

  • Made of aluminum and polycarbonate

  • Incredibly lightweight

*I really did drop it down the stairs and everything was perfectly fine


True Story:

I was able to pack more into this bag that I have been into any of my other carry-ons so far.

What do you think about the new style of cases ?