Teaching English Abroad: My Interview with Hilary Leslie


Tia taught English abroad during part of her time in the Air Force and now works for a nonprofit along with running a travel blog! Read about her time in South Korea: 

1. Where are you from?

I’m a military brat, born and raised. I’m from Augusta, Georgia but I call the world my home! I currently live in Charlotte, NC where I work as Business Development Manager for a nonprofit.

2. What made you want to teach abroad?

I was approached by a program director in need of teachers when I was stationed in S. Korea with the Air Force. I had done lots of work with the local orphanages in town, so I had done good work building report with children.

3. Which program did you work/volunteer with?

It was an unofficial outreach humanitarian program with the Department of Defense to build relationships with the locals. We spent weekends in various schools giving conversational English lessons.

4. What country were you placed in?

Gunsan in South Korea.

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