10 Minute Meal Pork Chops with Chopt Salad

A quick 10-minute recipe courtesy of @choptsalad.

Chopt 🥗knows you’re obsessed with their dressings so they’ve done you a solid and put it a Limited Edition Six Pack! Just pop into your nearest Chopt through 4th of July or order on FoodyDirect and you can slap it on every food in sight.


Today I made a quick and easy pork chop lunch with an Asian slaw. For seasoning coated a center cut pork chop in the most on the nose replica of Greek Tzatziki, I’ve tasted in years. After a quick pan sear on the stove top to render the fat off the sides, I  tossed it in the oven at 350 for 8 minutes to lock in the moisture and yummy flavors.

chopt greek dressing

For my salad, I’ve tossed a quick Asian slaw (red cabbage, white cabbage, lettuce, shredded carrots, jalapeño)and topped it with a Rose Vinaigrette for a sweet tang to offset the savory chops. Delicious meal in no time! You’ll wish you made more.