Beach House at Lovers Point

A bit of jet lag and weariness from travel kept us at the Hofsa House our first night in Carmel. The following day feeling spry and well rested we ventured out to explore all the beachfront had to offer. As a recommendation and kind gift from the hotel, we had reservations for a sunset dinner at the Beach House at Lovers Point in Pacific Grove. The Beach House is on the most romantic dining locations with a stunning panoramic view of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The California casual setting and window seats were more than ideal for a romantic evening on the beach. We choose our seats out on the Solarium, the outdoor patio complete with solar panels, heat lamps for the chilly breeze of the water, and tall windows to keep the elements (and cunning seagulls) away from the food.


We started off the meal with a few cocktails like my new standard the London Lemonade. Not stingy with the pour, my drink was just as much as London and it was Lemonade. To start we decided to grab a fresh plate of Seared Sesame Crusted Yellowfin Tuna. Ahi Tuna is my absolute favorite fish and this cut seared perfectly and served with on sweet chile glaze adjacent to a wasabi honey mustard sauce. A small helping of pickled asparagus to tie the sweet and spicy flavors together and add a bit of crunch to an otherwise buttery, mouth-melting smooth texture.


For the main course, J went squarely for his signature Filet mignon with smashed yukon gold potatoes, broccolini with soy aioli, green peppercorn sauce, horseradish cream and a béarnaise butter as I struggled with the number of interesting choices on the evening menu. Do I stick with the coastal seafood theme and grab a safe but intriguing  King Salmon Filet, with asparagus, brandy glazed carrots, and Yukon gold potatoes? Or step out of the proverbial comfort zones with a Panko-Crusted Sand Dabs piccata? Ultimately, I choose neither. Fresh off of a Masterchef binge I still had thoughts of lollipop lamb dancing in my head. I instead opted for the Chargrilled Double Lamb chops with roasted fingerling potatoes, rosemary jus & sautéed broccolini with soy aioli. The braised lamb is delicate, tender, and so flavorful paired with the tangy soy aioli. The herb rub on the lamb brings out the delicious gamey flavor, and just the right savory, sultry sauce to top it all off with.


After dinner, we sat for a bit and enjoyed the view before heading down to the rocks to watch the waves crash in as the sunset on the bay. The ambiance of the restaurant combined with the beautiful view of the water makes Lovers Point a must see location for anyone venturing done the coast. Bring a sweater and enjoy a few drinks while sitting on the rocks listening to the calls of the seagulls. I recommend keeping the rest of your evening free and just letting the peace and openness wash over you.


Beach House at Lover's Point

620 Ocean View Blvd

Pacific Grove, CA 93950