Aiken for a Polo Match


A few friends and I spent a lovely Sunday at the historic Whitney Field in Aiken, SC. The Aiken Polo Club is one of the oldest polo clubs in the country, hosting its first match in 1882. I would have to describe polo as “Horse Hockey” because it is a great deal like field hockey…with much higher stakes.

We sat along the field for 2 hours as the October sun beat down upon us, dying for a breeze. I now know why the ladies in Pretty Woman all wore sun hats. The event was fun on a social scale and extremely uneventful on the sporting aspect. It’s a nice thing to say that you have done and cross of the bucket list, but I won’t be buying any season passes this year. I suspect most individuals don’t actually care much about the game and instead relish the mellowness of hanging out with friends, eating and drinking wine. The most fun was the “stomping of the divets”, as seen in the aforemention film. I would certainly attend another match or two, but I’m not sold on the Polo as a sport. While I respect the athletes and recognize that any sport done on the back of animal has its dangers, the entertainment aspect doesn’t exist for me.

I would, however, recommend all potential spectators to grab a picnic basket and hobnob with the upperclass for a bit of "old school" culture. Tickets are available every Sunday at 3pm for $5 person, $20 per person to relax in the social tent.