Feet On The Map: 13 reasons, travelers give you to ditch the Valentine’s Day this year…



Blogger friends. Is there anything better? My travel friends are my Galentine's this year and just in time for the candy hearts and roses, one put her thoughts on the overrated occasion to pen and paper (computer screen?) Deepika Gumaste, of Feet on the Map, top travel writer recently voted one of the "World's Best Travel Bloggers-India" has a few ideas about things better than a valentine. Like Travel, for one (and only). She reached out to some other travel gals (including yours truly) and compiled 13 Reasons Travelers Give You to Ditch Valentine's Day this Year.valentines."/> Click the link to see what I have to say about this photo and why travel>valentines.

“It’s that time of the year again, when the couples are busy expressing their love for each other with strikingly packaged, over-priced red roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, tucking gooey Valentine notes in their better half’s lockers or deciding what sized teddy bear would make their better half happy! And the second half of the world, comprising of singles are either cribbing or scowling over “how useless and annoying these couples are!” while secretly walling away in their beds over romantic mushy comedies.

For me, personally it is an awkward day, because I am not single, but I don’t buy the Valentine hype either. As an introvert, it makes me cringe and I wonder if it is too sentimental or just a big fat scam for the commercial world to profit from! While I have nothing against the couples who prep months in advance for the V-day, with a romantic candle light dinner or meticulous showering of gifts on their partners, for me, it’s just not my-thing...”

— Deepika Gumaste, Feet on the Map